How Sex Toys Improve Relationships

How Sex Toys Improve Relationships

Looking to spice-up your relationship? Evidence has shown that sex toys not only enhance sexual intimacy between partners, but also help strengthen relationships in other beneficial ways. According to a Durex Sexsus Report by Lonergan Research, 3 in 5 individuals who use sex toys with a partner feel closer, more sexual and uninhibited. Enjoying sex toys with your partner is an exciting way to reignite the flames of passion between the sheets, and offers a wide number of other positive benefits.

Renewed Passion

For many couples who have been together for a number of years, sex can fall into a predictable and even boring routine. Sex toys introduce thrilling new possibilities of erotic fun, experimentation and adventure in the bedroom, making sex less of a “chore,” and ramping-up the passion between you and your partner.

Relieve Stress

Sex toys helps make constant arguing and fighting a thing of the past in your relationship by relieving tension and stress. How do sex toys breed closeness and lead to a move loving connection? During orgasms, endorphins are released in the brain, which is a powerful hormone that causes feelings of well-being and relaxation. Sex toys melt away feelings of anger and animosity through shared multiple orgasms and bliss.

Mind-blowing Shared Orgasms

Statistics prove that only 75% of women are able to reach orgasm through intercourse alone. And men often search for ways to obtain harder erections that last longer. Sex toys are designed to solve all those problems through cutting-edge engineering that are designed to target both partners sweet spots with expert precision, leading to earth-shaking multiple orgasms in a short amount of time.

Improved Communication

Do you have trouble asking your partner for what you need to reach climax? Consider using a sex toy to make communicating your sexual needs a breeze! Studies have shown that couples completely lose their inhibitions while enjoying sex toys, and are more willing to voice their needs and listen to how their partner likes it, which leads to mind-melting orgasmic satisfaction each and every time.

Selecting the Perfect Sex Toy

Whether you’re looking for couple vibrators, strap-ons, bondage toys or cock rings, we’ve got your every desire covered. Browse through our extensive collection from the finest brands in the world, and you’re sure to find the perfect sex toy that will create enhanced sexual intimacy with your partner, along with a more loving and emotionally fulfilling connection.



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